Swimming Pool

Our Swimming Pool is a space created to offer a daily escape to our residents. We offer a meticulously curated space for relaxation, tranquility, and comfort.


Gym and Sauna

The fully equipped fitness suite is designed to provide the finest wellness package comparable to the best gymnasiums in Nepal. The in-house gym and sauna at Karma Residences serve to relieve stress, and help you achieve a state of well-being, and relaxation.


Jogging Track

Residents can run on the cushioned, and flat surface of the jogging. The jogging tracks could also serve as an ideal place to take pleasure walk and healthy jogging laps around our building.

Safety & Entertainment

Children Play Area

Thoughtfully designed to meet international standards, the play area is the space your children will find most enjoyable. The children's play area is the space where creativity, fun, and learning help foster your child’s physical and personal development.



Temples and shrines dedicated to various sorts of deities are built in dedicated areas so that our devoted residents might embrace the purity and spiritual energy. The temple and shrine are open to residents who wish to worship.

Social Events

Community Hall

The beautifully designed community hall is an excellent and luxurious space for entertainment or business purposes related to your events. The fully equipped hall is ideal for business meetings, parties, and celebrations. With our elegantly appointed community hall catering to all of your celebratory needs, we offer experiences.

Desirous & Spacious

Gardens & Park Area

The impressive collection of beautiful flowers offers a calm setting and gorgeous greenery area to take in the breathtaking natural beauty. The lovely park area and carefully planned and perfectly maintained garden are the ideal places to relax and are sure to satisfy.


Meditation Yoga Deck

Karma Residencies' provides residents with a meditative space. It's the ultimate tranquil setting, especially for spiritually inclined residents, to practice meditation, yoga, and spiritual rituals and achieve spiritual well-being and inner peace.


Living Room

Within each apartment of Karma Residences, we house a fully equipped living room where you can relax and spend time with your family. Every living room at Karma Residences is filled with luxury, convenience, and comfort.