Karma Tenzing
Message from Chairman
Karma Tenzing

Polar Explorer, Climber, Developer, ex-Wall Streeter, Professor
Chairman - Good Karma Group of Companies

Good Karma Group of Companies:
  • Le Meridien Hotel (contract signed with Marriott International)
  • Kathmandu Valley School
  • Into the Himalaya Treks and Expedition
  • Momo Karma

Having spent 2 decades in New York City as a Wall Streeter in some of the world's largest Investment Banks such as Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, and then as a Professor at Metropolitan College of New York, I've seen the best New York can offer. And with that "best" in mind, I bring you Karma Residences: 162 Apartment/Condominiums, the finest in Nepal in terms of luxury, safety and accessibility. Nothing short of the same luxury and amenities one can expect in a luxury New York City apartment, while living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

As in the many dangerous and highest mountains I have climbed around the world, along with my exploration of the South Pole, I know safety and using the finest gear and equipment come first. And Karma Residences is the safest and strongest building in Nepal where no corners have been cut and the best quality construction materials have been used. Our building is the first and only building of its size to be passed and constructed under the Government of Nepal's new and stricter by-laws, which came into effect only after the Great Earthquake of 2015.

Having lived in some of the world's best cities, I understand the value of living in a prime location with access to the best establishments, be it a restaurant, offices, shopping, etc. Karma Residences is located in Maharajgunj, right on Ring Road - No other apartment building in Nepal has a 64 meter road access! This virtually eliminates the possibilities of traffic jams while leaving your home for work during office hours. Moreover, within walking distance are the American and Australian embassies, and the police station. And our building adjoins a supermarket, hotel, restaurants and offices such as the US Peace Corps, the US Education Foundation and the Qatar Visa Center. HAMS Hospital is a short 3 minute drive away and Tribhuvan International Airport is barely 5 kilometers from our gate.